Mulching & Downy Mildew

I was checking on my patio-container plants today and discovered light colored splotches on my Spinach and Swiss Chard. The internet leads me to believe it’s Downy Mildew – which is not a fungus like the White Powdery Mildew that appeared on my Zucchini last year. It was cool last night – below 50, and the patio is quite shaded by our house and a lovely maple tree. It’s also somewhat protected from wind. Since this mildew thrives in moisture and cool temps, I moved my patio containers to a much sunnier, and breezier, area near the rest of my garden. Hopefully that should take care of the problem.

I would like to get some wood chip mulch to keep the grass and weeds from coming up in the center of my horseshoe raised bed enclosure, but when I say “mulching” I mean I went ahead and spread dried leaves all over my garden. All around everything in the raised beds, the potted peppers, and the cucumber in its large container. Mulching is so great because it insulates the ground to keep my plants’ roots warm at night, it helps keep the soil moist so I barely have to water – about once a week is normal, and it prevents weeds from sprouting up so I barely have to pull weeds. I’m also convinced that it increases worm activity which is always a good thing. It’s not the most attractive mulch but it’s free and works really well! I only avoided spreading the leaves on the area where I sowed seeds because those sprouts aren’t big enough yet to clear the height of the leaves. Lettuce, Radishes, Beets, Carrots are all sprouted. One thing that has yet to come up is the Onion seeds.

Even some of my Asiatic Lily bulbs are poking up green in the new mixed herb/flower bed! Another exciting day in the garden.

2 thoughts on “Mulching & Downy Mildew

  1. How exciting!!!! with every shout and root we are watching!!! What a Joy!!! hugs….and we are glad that those leaves are keeping those little roots warm and cozy at night!


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