Soil is Ready

My soil is ready. At least I think it is. I weeded and turned over last year’s mixture of compost and topsoil in the raised beds. I put a nice layer of fresh compost on top of that. And reserved some of that mixture plus compost for 15 pots, too. I will do some tests on it this week. That should help kill some time!

I was thinking of planting next weekend – Memorial Day weekend, but my dad told me I might want to wait until after the full moon – Tuesday, May 29th. He said full moons often bring low pressure systems and cooler temps. I’ll keep an eye on the forecast, and get things in the ground as soon as I can. Tonight is going to be chilly. I’m keeping Herbs, Tomatoes, and Peppers indoors.

Outside I have: Broccoli, Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, Spinach, Lettuce, Mustard Greens, Arugula, Kale, Swiss Chard. And Lavender that I planted along the edge of our patio last year. I tried starting Lupines in cow pots this year but they aren’t doing too well. My Nasturtiums are sprouting!

I’m going to go to the greenhouse to buy some things that I wasn’t able to successfully start from seed, like celery, and onions if she has any? Might be too late for that. Probably some pole beans. Depends what I have space for. I placed tomato cages and marked off some rows with twine to help myself plan. I have yet to revise my map of where I’m going to plant everything.

But my soil is ready! And our apple tree is blossoming and it smells amazing.

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